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Strategic Planning Facilitation

Do you have a vision for your bank but struggle to get your team to execute?

Perhaps you are so focused on addressing the challenges of today that you can’t think about next year?  Or maybe you’re simply evaluating new facilitators for your Board or executive planning retreat. Regardless of the motivation, we know that while most bank Chairs and CEOs are eager to update their strategic plan many worry about using outside facilitators.  At KPN, we understand this and we believe our approach makes more sense.

Our Facilitation Approach

Our approach is to facilitate your planning session with your Board and Senior Management after we analyze your financial statements. We will create the situation analysis as well as historical data on your bank gleaned from your call reports. We also feel that we can create much of the competitive analysis prior to the meeting so that our time at the meeting is very focused on the issue of "where do we want to be" and the creation of both the next year's financial plan and two additional year's Summary Budgets.  

Pre-Planning Phase

We will request the following documents within two business days of signed proposal:

Most Recent

Planning Document

ALCO Policy

Succession Plans

Current Budget

(three year projections)

Capital Plan


Funding Plan

We will conduct in-person and/or telephone interviews with Board members and identified Senior Management to gather information about desired goals and initiatives to be considered in developing the strategic plan.

Planning Template

Our template for the strategic plan will follow traditional lines including:

Mission & Vision




Internal & External

Situation Analysis


Action Plans







Succession Plan

(Board & Management)

Final Deliverables

Upon completion of the retreat, we will develop a preliminary strategic plan for the Board and management to review. Once final input has been provided, KPN will deliver the final strategic plan including the following documents:

Succession Plan

(Board & Management)


Strategic Plan

Capital Plan

"We used KPN Consulting for our Board and Senior Management Strategic Planning Retreat and it was a very positive experience for us. You could tell they did their homework prior to the meeting and entered the facilitation with a great deal of knowledge about the history of our bank and our challenges for the future. Typically we navigate this process in-house, however we found that by bringing KPN consulting on board to handle the facilitation, it welcomed fresh discussion and an improved process."

Nicole Bliss

AVP-Marketing Officer

National Bank of Coxsackie