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We make it our business to help you grow your business.

KPN Consulting is a marketing and speaker placement firm dedicated exclusively to the community bank industry.  We began in 2009 with a simple goal - find a more efficient way to connect bankers and vendors with targeted education solutions

Our partners enjoy enhanced networking opportunities and access to decision makers through a variety of educational solutions. The result is the opportunity to develop and nurture relationships in a neutral, non-sales environment. In addition to building brand awareness, this tactic creates an unmatched level of trust in potential clients which leads to a loyal following of customers and drives valuable future business opportunities. Our knowledge and relationships with banking associations and bankers set us apart.

What makes us different?

We approach every partner with complete attentiveness. As the only speaker placement firm dedicated exclusively to the community banking industry, we know the landscape better than anyone and the unique challenges faced by community banks, vendors, and banking associations.

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