Where Bankers +

Vendors Connect

We provide a platform for bankers and vendors to connect through

targeted educational programs in partnership with state banking associations. 

Over 50 banking associations trust KPN and our partners to provide thought leadership speaking opportunities to their members.


conferences conducted


bankers attended


speaking slots filled


peer groups facilitated

What Our Partners Our Saying

"I have total piece of mind when I work with KPN Consulting in how responsive, helpful, and affordable they are. Most importantly, they supply speakers who deliver excellent content and don’t sell from the podium. Our association’s educational programs run much smoother and generate more net revenue thanks to KPN!"

Linda Gregware, Director of Membership Services, Independent Bankers Association of New York State

Giving Back

We believe in a commitment is to pay it forward and focus on others first, and we invite our partners and clients to help us continue to make a difference. KPN Consulting will donate 15% of all profits from speaker placements during 2021 to CURE Childhood Cancer.  CURE is dedicated to conquering childhood cancer through funding targeted research while supporting patients and their families devastated by a childhood cancer diagnosis. 


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